Barfi - Milk Fudge
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Rakshabandhan is a festival in which the bond between a brother and sister is traditionally celebrated. Sisters tie a thread (rakhi) around their brother’s wrist to protect them from any “evil.” In addition to tying a rakhi, the sister will feed her brother his favorite sweet or candy. Barfi, one of our favorite sweets, is a type of fudge made of milk and sugar. We’re customizing the barfi to match our brothers’ favorite sports teams for this Rakshabandhan! As traditions evolve, we’re having sisters tie rakhis and feed sweets to their sisters too! Make these barfi to celebrate sibling love with us!
Serves: 6
  1. Grease the metal plates with ghee and set aside
  2. Heat nonstick pot on medium low heat
  3. Add 2 teaspoons ghee
  4. Add the milk powder
  5. Add milk
  6. Stir for 2 minutes until the mixture comes together
  7. Add powdered sugar and cardamom powder and mix well
  8. Stir the mixture for 8 minutes continuously
  9. To create two different colored layers:
  10. Divide the barfi mixture into two equal parts
  11. Remove one part into a mixing bowl
  12. Add food coloring to the bowl and mix well
  13. Using a greased spatula, press the mixture into the plate and smooth out the top
  14. Repeat for the 2nd batch of the barfi mixture
  15. Place the metal plates in the refrigerator and allow to set for 1 hour
  16. Once set, remove the plates from the refrigerator
  17. To make fun shaped burfi, use a cookie cutter to remove the barfi from the metal plate
  18. Decorate the barfi with your favorite sprinkles
  19. Serve and Enjoy!
Serve any time of the day for a fun treat!

Use our recipe to make your own ghee:

If a traditional barfi is desired, omit the food coloring, cut the barfi into diamond shapes using a knife and do not use a cookie cutter.
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